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About Us

Pisces Obsession began in 2009 as a makeup and beauty lounge. We perform specialized hair services and makeup application for special events. We also offer private makeup application classes for clients that are wanting to sharpen their skills. Since conception, our dedication has always been to customizing beauty services in order to complement each client’s personal tastes and style. We have built a reputation off our ability to listen to client needs and personalizing services to fit them. In 2021, in response to the COVID pandemic, Pisces Obsession scaled back to servicing only private clientele, while expanding to incorporate an online apparel and accessories boutique. The same TLC we provide for our beauty clients is the same TLC we have conveyed into our online beauty boutique. Pisces Obsession recognizes the need for women to celebrate their distinct personality through fashion, beauty and style. While we love to stay enlightened by new and upcoming fashion trends, we especially like to celebrate originality and eccentricity. We have made a commitment to do this through our 3 pillars, Confidence, Individuality, and Style




Confidence: we are aware of an “industry standard of beauty”.  However, through fashion, we want to empower our clients to feel and believe in they are beautiful in their own skin. Confidence breeds beauty!


Individuality: a true fashionista is not concerned with looking like others. She embraces what makes her different. Her individuality of style is what is attractive, and what draws people in…


Style: whatever mood you may have, from classic and trendy, to eccentric boho, our goal for client is to tap into what THEY feel is beautiful.



What to expect from us:


Integrity: We stand behind our business practices including decisions on pricing, returns and client communication. We value your business, and 100% satisfaction is our goal.


Quality: We are a small family-owned company. Our brand values QUALITY as well as style. Inventory is carefully selected as to protect the integrity of our brand. We make a commitment to sell product that we deem high quality and accurately reflects the brand we have created and value.


Inclusion: We have made a commitment to be all inclusive in our size selections. We may not have a wide selection in ALL sizes. Please know that we are working diligently to offer the same level of style and quality in our extended sizes.

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